Buyers can be confident my up to date market knowledge, responsiveness, accessibility and professional acumen to successfully identify the properties that match their needs.

In this fast-paced market, your realtor must possess the experience necessary to identify the right location for your needs. Additionally, your realtor must possess the savvy to negotiate amongst the many layouts, pricing and views in each tower in pre-construction.

Anette possesses the experience and knowledge and ensures access to that database of past transactions to ensure you are making a fully informed decision.

Once the right property is identified, a full analysis of the comps will be run. There is a multitude of data available to ensure you gain a full understanding of both your transaction and the local market.

Having sold tens of millions of dollars in property in the area, Anette has her finger on the pulse of the market and that ensures your success.

Our relationship doesn’t end at the closing. In many instances, it has just begun.

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